About Only My Share Guarantor Protection

About Only My Share guarantor protection

Who Are Only My Share?


Only My Share guarantor protection is brought to you by the Housing Hand Group. We have two products for the market, Housing Hand which stands as the guarantor for both international students and working professionals and Only My Share which protects guarantors against the joint liability for those who do stand as guarantor.

The Only My Share guarantor protection for joint and several liability contracts is mainly applicable to UK individuals and the cover can be taken out either by the guarantor or tenant. Both are protected against rent arrears from other tenants in joint and several tenancies.

We developed the Only My Share service for the market on the back of our Housing Hand guarantor service, which was the first company to develop a guarantor service and we now have over 5 years of experience with helping people that don’t have a guarantor. Having successfully brought the leading guarantor provider to market, we wanted to expand to help those who do stand as guarantor for someone in shared accommodation under a joint and several tenancy.


Why do Guarantors Need Protecting?


Understanding the risk posed to tenants and guarantors under joint tenancies, we wanted to provide a service that protected people from rent arrears by other tenants. The risk of having to pay other tenants rent is often high and the amount considerable.

Over 95% of students that hare properties require a guarantor. Under joint and several agreements, each tenant and their guarantor are equally liable for each other’s rent. Form our experience we have found that £10,000 of rent protection is enough to cover this potential liability.

In shared properties, either the tenant or guarantor can take the Only My Share missed rent protection. Then, in the event of a rental default by another tenant, the service has been designed to make it as easy to make a claim as it is to apply. Simply let us know via our online claim form when you’ve been requested to pay for another tenants rent arrears and we will deal with the situation.


Why We Created the Rent Arrears Protection for Guarantors Service


The team at the HH Group are passionate about helping tenants seamlessly rent in the UK without signing up to unnecessary risk and Only My Share guarantor protection was designed to protect the guarantor and/or the tenant that is renting in a shared house against the possibility of paying other tenants’ missed rent.

Only My Share guarantor protection works with our long-standing insurance partners Brit Insurance, an A-rated insurer part and of the Lloyds of London group. Each Only My Share guarantee we make is completely insured so you can sit back, we’re in your corner, you’re covered.