Is this an insurance policy?

This is a guarantee service where Only My Share stands as your guarantor in respect of joint and several rent arrears. In rare circumstances when we have been unable to recover money we pay on your behalf we have the option of claiming via our own insurance policy.

How can I purchase this cover?

Getting protected is simple – apply online at www.onlymyshare.com , pay £99 and receive your guarantee confirmation.

Can I pay monthly?

No you need to make a one off payment of £99 for this 12 month guarantee.

Can I purchase a guarantee policy that covers more than £10,000?

No currently the guarantee limit is £10,000. If you have any queries regarding this please call / email us directly.

What do I do if I receive notification I am required to make a payment to cover a housemates arrears?

If you receive a notification to make a payment towards a housemates rent arrears please complete the ‘claim upon your guarantee’ form online at www.onlymyshare.com/make-a-claim Alternatively email us at claims@onlymyshare.com.

Will my possessions be covered under this guarantee?

No your possessions would not be covered under this guarantee. We recommend that you take out adequate cover to protect your belongings.

Will property damage be covered under this guarantee?

No property damage would not be covered. We recommend that you take out adequate cover either with possessions insurance or tenant’s liability insurance.

How can I renew this guarantee policy?

You can renew your policy quickly and easily by applying online at www.onlymyshare.com. You will receive prompt email confirmation of your guarantee.

Can I purchase more than a 12 month guarantee?

No the maximum guarantee lengthen is 12 months. Simply renew for a further 12 months.

What do I do if I change my address during the policy?

If you change address during the guarantee cover simply email us at info@onlymyshare.com. Please note that you will still need to be able to agree with the declarations outlined in your contract.

If I use this guarantee will my price go up next year?

No the cost of the guarantee is not determined by claims. The premium is £99 for all applicants.

Can I apply after my tenancy start date?

Yes the guarantee can be purchased at anytime however if your inception date is after your tenancy start date there will be an automatic 90 day exclusion period for any claim. This protects us against tenants purchasing a guarantee when they know a housemate is going to default.

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